Offshore Operations

Helicopters are Safer, Faster and Cheaper than Boat Transfers!

abc-rig10Contrary to popular belief, it’s safer, faster and cheaper to travel by helicopter than by boat. Because you only pay for the time you fly, the cost effectiveness is unsurpassed. We can supply a helicopter and crew on-site at your next offshore drilling location for as little as $1,500 per day. Compare this to between $5,000 – $12,000 per day for a surveyed charter vessel.

mnu-float-insp-frontABC Heli are involved in transfers to drilling rig platforms all over Australia. This requires the daily transport of workers and materials by helicopter, to and from the off-shore rigs situated off the coast from several desalination plants and other drilling operations. This kind of operation requires precise planning, up to the minute weather knowledge and exceptional pilot ability.

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“Over the last year ABC Heli have been responsible for over 2000 crew transfers to the Eunsung 1200 (Self Elevating Platform) located off Tugun. During this time I have found them to be reliable and flexible to ensure that we could meet our project requirements on time and without delay.

Their safety procedures and records that they implemented for our project were exceptional to ensure that the crew transfers were executed without any incidents. It would be my pleasure to work with them again or recommend their services to any other organisation.”

Sam Freshney, Marine Manager,
Gold Coast Desalination Project

“ABC Heli were engaged to provide helicopter transfer of personnel from Sydney Airport to the Seafox 6, Self Elevating Platform located 300m off the coast at Kurnell.

ABC Heli conducted daily transfers in a Robinson R44 helicopter from early February to late April 2009. I have found all the staff at ABC Heli to be extremely professional in every aspect of their work. They were dedicated, reliable and flexible, ensuring crew were transferred on and off the Seafox 6 within project requirements.

In short, ABC Heli’s level of service was outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again or to recommend their operation for other projects.”

Alex Hicton, Project Engineer,
Blue Water Joint Venture.